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Liberals Eat One of Their Own: MMMMM

Well poor little Juan Williams. What does he get from the liberal establishment that he has been defending for most of his proffessional career? YOU’RE FIRED! Wow what a wake up call. Here’s a guy that has enjoyed a wonderful excistence as a political analyst using such inflammatory phrases such as racist, bigot, red neck, right wing extremists, greedy fat cats and tea baggers on the most watched cable news show on T.V. FOX NEWS.

FOX NEWS didn’t fire him. On the contrary he will probably be vigoriously defended by the station and all it’s anchors and analysts. Of that I am certain. Why is that? Where is Rev. Al, Jesse Jackson and the ACLU? Where is the gathering of liberals and their ample media cabal to come to rescue one of their own? I’ll tell you where …at the same place all the womens groups run to and gay rights groups run to when one of their own is a conservative. Where would that be? As far away as possible because if you’re not spewing liberal talking points then you have no right to freedom of speech. Liberals will fight to the death for the rights granted to us by our Constitution as long as it is their side of the issue you come down on.

This P.C. generation is running AMOK. Blood has already spilled because of this. Just read about all the reports that were witheld from superiors due to fear of their position regarding Nidal Hassan the killer of the 13 soldiers at Fort Hood plus the unborn child that was murdered as well in the belly of one of the victims. We should heed the warning of that fool from Conn. and his failure of his “Terrorist Starter Kit” in his SUV in Times Square. ” I am the first drop of blood in the war against your country”

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  1. Montana
    October 21st, 2010 at 17:21 | #1

    Good for NPR, Juan Williams slant belongs to “Fake News” with the rest of the failed political candidstes Palin, Huckabee, or should I say the 2012 GOP Presidential contenders. They are not racist they are just the good old boys. They are the bunch that keep saying that everyong should be scared of BLACKS, scared of ASIANS, sacred of LATINOS, scared of WOMEN, scared of the GAYS and now they are scared of Muslims. So long Johnny,don’t let the door hit you. I love that you went crying to “Fake News” and played the victim card, I guess its another “it is a high-tech lynching”.

  2. October 21st, 2010 at 18:27 | #2

    You’re funny Montana yes we are scared of everybody especially the Pres. who just cleared the way for Fanny and Freddy for 350 billion dollars or the fact that Ahmedinjade is a Christmas away from a nuclear bomb or the 25% unemployment amongst the private construction sector. Yeah we are a silly bunch worried about the spiking insurance costs so much for bending the cost curve or the ol’ if you like your doctor and coverage you can keep it ….NOT or how about all that stimulus? 22,000 checks to convicts and dead people what the heck are you afraid of things are peachy I LOVE a big GOVERNMENT what could go wrong? just dont unplug the teleprompter

  3. Mike J
    October 21st, 2010 at 19:09 | #3

    Montana you are clueless. Are you even aware that Juan Williams is a liberal who appears on Fox News to offer opposing viewpoints. He got fired for telling the truth and ivoking his right to free speech. Isn’t it odd that they haven’t fired him for any of his opinions over the last 10 years, but the one opinion that goes against the NPR ideology gets him a pink slip. Kudos to Fox News and all of its commentators for putting partisanship aside and actually supporting a liberal. Keep an eye on this; the left will drop american minorities the way they dropped the american working class (our parents) for the american minorities, once they find someone else who hates america more!

  4. October 23rd, 2010 at 12:07 | #4

    Hi! Big A! Jeff should post tomorrow on PSC the ‘skewering’ Cand. for 1st Dist. Ann Brickley gave that oink-oink Congressman (D) John (oink!) Larson in a debate in West Hartford I covered. It’s a classic rip-down report job you’ll not want to miss. What’s happening with the Imam Raaaaa?

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