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Presidential Apology!

How dare President Clinton tell a crowd in Cairo Egypt that he wants the Ground Zero Mosque dedicated to the 60 Muslims that perished. What about the woman I loved? What about the thousands of 911 families? What about the cops and fireman who died running in to save people as we were running out? What about our military that are risking their lives every day because of what happened on 911?

As an American and 911 survivor I’m calling him out. This is an outrage and I demand an apology from Bill Clinton. I am not only disgusted by this latest insult but his inappropriate behavior while President was in itself disgraceful. I hold this man responsible for the 911 attacks. It was his draft-dodging cowardly ways that inspired Bin Laden to plan the 911 attacks. How do you lay your head down to sleep with all the blood that stains your hands? May God have mercy on your soul I certainly will not.


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  1. Raymond P. Gallagher
    October 8th, 2010 at 17:32 | #1


    Sorry for your personal loss. As you might know from previous comments, I too, lost family, clients, neighbors, and friends.

    I believe all politicians who have remained silent on this issue need to take a stand. All those that do not see how wrong this is need to be voted out of office. People like former President Clinton need to stop making excuses and enabling political correctness.

    Mr. Clinton. you need to make an apology to Mr. Sullivan and all Americans impacted by that very stupid comment.

    Vote the Bums Out!
    Move the Mosque!
    Semper Paratus
    God Bless the USA

  2. October 9th, 2010 at 05:53 | #2

    I think the nation is gradually moving on now and realizing that we can’t trade our fundamental freedoms for a horrific trauma almost ten years ago. To discriminate against fellow innocent Muslim Americans is to punish the wrong people. We need to stop those that carried out 9/11, not stop fellow Americans from exercising their freedoms in the greatest country on earth.

  3. Raymond P. Gallagher
    October 9th, 2010 at 11:10 | #3

    @Matt Sky

    Mr Sky

    You are missing the issue. As an historian I can tell you that the message being sent is not one of building bridges.

    Did you lose anyone you knew on 911? If so, the majority and I mean 90-95% of those people feel it is sacred ground and grossly insensitive. The remaining 70% of New Yorkers and Americans are not the fanatics the Imam says we represent. That by the way is misrepresenting the facts (called a lie). He is supposed to be a man of God.

    ABC had a show with Chrisiana Amanpour(?). You should watch it. Listen to Imam Chandrey. The show was about “…should Americans fear Islam.” Listen to his response. After that response, Amanpour should have thanked everyone for coming and closed the show by saying the question has been asked and answered. YES. We should fear them.

    The Kan and Imam are not bridge builders. And to save you the time searching for Chandry’s comment, I will just respond as our fringe guests should have responded after they got up and left the stage. Unfortunately, since the fringe don’t want to appear unfriendly, they did not.

    Chandry a flag from another country or religious state will only fly over my White House over my dead body!

    Don’t be stupid
    Move the Mosque
    God Bless the USA

  4. john doe
    October 9th, 2010 at 12:12 | #4

    I’m sick of people stoking fear of the hypothetical, wrapping themselves up in the flag of our country, playing some fragile victim or getting all self righteously religious just to say their opinions are better than mine. I have been a life long Democrat. My Dad served in the Navy for 24 years and in 3 wars. I have never been on any Government payroll. I’ve been fortunate enough to have never drawn one penny of unemployment or other governmental assistance in 29 continuous years of skilled trade work. I don’t apologize to anyone for my political views and don’t ask anyone else to.

    I also think Republican policies plain suck for workers. I doubt you’ll ever agree with me (we can talk over beers if you want) but frankly I don’t hold your own opinions against you- to each his own.

    If you are a true blue collar advocate that respects all workers then you would have enough decency to shut up about things that don’t affect us on job sites or in our pay envelopes. I want you to have a safe place to go to work, and hopefully have a choice of places that can profit from your skills, so you can get enough scratch to pursue happiness. That’s it.

    If I wanted you to know how I felt about God,wars, or trout you’d have to be my friend first- and you seem like a great guy. I’d show up at 7 and air condition a shelter for homeless lesbian communist strippers in the KKK if the company I was working for sent me there and paid me scale by the next friday, but if there was a job that me and 99% of my coworkers just wouldn’t do because of personal convictions- I’d still treat the guy who did the work to feed himself and/or his family like a brother.

  5. October 9th, 2010 at 13:27 | #5

    None of them above address the idiocy and lunacy-pandering of Clinton. My guess is Doe and Matt would have been proud if their daughters had been Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office alone with Big Bill. As we all know Bill’s marriage is a farce, and his daughter’s weddings recently: an incredible selfish showcase for her parents. Democrats have given up counting the “wrongs” because it is always the Center-Right middle class that pays THEIR bills and appeases their credit extravaganzas. Clinton is the worst kind of cow, a whore of the left and Progressives, who will and always set his wife up for failure, in hope that his ‘star’ shines brighter. History remembers only the organic stains he left on the royal blue rug in the Oval office, and of course the infamous Monica dress. Not in our lifetime will we ALLOW history like that to be IGNORED!

  6. litchfield
    October 12th, 2010 at 08:20 | #6

    @john doe nicely written point of view mr. “john doe” somebody that has worked 29 years without any time off that cant even use his own name. It appears to me that you have no one that died that terrible day. Construction workers are asking you to avoid building this one building where its going to be built and you with 29 years of not seeing a layoff need to be a “brother”and stick up for whats right.LET THE MUSLIMS MOVE IT THEN BUILD IT JOHN DOE. Your brother that has had layoffs, LITCHFIELD

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