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We Will Not Be Held Hostage

September 9th, 2010 5 comments

DSC02498The whole entire world now is watching the events unfold about the Ground Zero Mosque and Pastor Terry Jones and his very successful P.R. stunt.

The thought of burning any book to me is one of the most anti-American acts. The mere visual makes me ill but to burn a religious book is outright repugnant. When I heard this unstable yet genius man tell the world he has struck a deal with the Imam Rauff I was floored yet guarded. No way did Rauff flip that fast right after his interview where he did more harm to his cause than a hundred rallies. This Pastor folded on his bluff. I guess he got what he wanted. Attention from the whole country and a visit from Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Maybe he gave Jones the riot act and forced him to stand down but as much as I thought that a good thing it sank in what an awful precedent we just set. DSC02274

Are we now going to let the thought of attacks from the bogeymen actually influence the decisions we now make? Are we to be held hostage by what shady Imam’s say about their religion of peace and how the blood of innocents will be spilled if we displease these masked men lurking in caves waiting to attack our interests if provoked?

I believe we are at a critical point in the conversation. Right off the bat Imam Rauff delivered a veiled threat that if he was forced to move the Mosque that the radicals would take over the discourse on both sides. I don’t believe that 71% of Americans are radicals. And I’m as sure as Hell not going to be cowed into backing down from anything I believe in and neither are the men and women I stand with.

It was a very special moment for me being on a panel with David Gergen and Bruce Filer and to be interviewed by Anderson Cooper I was truly in awe. What wonderful human beings. We didn’t agree on everything of course but the point was we could reach a rational compromise and respect each other’s opinion and not make the other one feel slighted.

After Imam Rauff’s interview last night with Soledad O’Brien I thought this was over but in light of the backing down from our Pastor Psycho I think this just gave them a shot in the arm. Look how quickly he backed down once the state got involved. This will now be a tool to be used with the Ground Zero Mosque….or so they think.

DSC02501  All my Hard Hat Pledges I need you more then ever. The state thinks it’s going to pull a Pastor Jones on us. We must be vigilant and remain united. We are not here pulling off some parlor tricks we are defending our loved ones and their memories and let us not forget our soldiers overseas who are risking it all for us everyday.

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Shariff Al-Gamal and Imam Rauff 911 The Second Wave

September 6th, 2010 17 comments

twin-towersRemember this sight? The beauty and power it signified? I do. The Twin Towers of The World Trade Center. Every morning when I was coming over the Pulaski Skyway I would draw strength and inspiration from those mighty Towers and today you never even hear the phrase : Twin Towers. It has been scrubbed clean from the American lexicon replaced with the ugly term : Ground Zero. An ugly name for an ugly moment in our country’s history. Now to add insult to injury 2 despicable men are forcing this Victory Mosque down the throats of New Yorkers and Americans across the nation.

When I was down at the Glenn Beck Rally I was approached by Muslims who said that they were angry at the fact that these 2 people were representing all of Islam throughout the country because they were very much against this Cordoba Initiative and the erecting of this Mosque at Ground Zero.

DSC01559This man Imam Feisal Rauff who is jet setting around the Muslim world being this State Ambassador on our dime claiming he is not recieving monies from these nations is laughable. This man who blames us for 911 and thinks the barbaric Sharia Law actually shares a lot of qualities of our Constitution. Are you kidding me? You know what happens if you leave the Christian faith? Your mother slays you with good ol’ fashioned Irish guilt. Nothing a few pints of Guiness couldn’t cure. You know what happens if you leave Islam under Sharia Law? You are marked for death. I don’t mean the very bad Steven Segal movie I mean dead. Like the father in Texas who beat his daughters to death for dating Italian boys. That’s ok under Sharia. Or the husband and wife team who had a Buffalo T.V. Show called Bridges. A show dedicated to bringing the faiths together with Islam. Only one problem. The wife asked for a divorce so hubby cut her head off. Seriously CUT HER HEAD OFF! Now I’m not going to lie every man alive I’m sure has had those feelings but we do not act on them but in Sharia he gets a free pass. Now Rauffy boy in his spare time has a couple of buildings in Jersey City that he let fall apart into total disrepair. The tenants are living like animals with bed bugs mold and exposed walls with open piping and electrical lines completely exposed. He applies for subsidized funding and gets 2 million dollars that he pockets and does no work on the buildings. Thank you Congressman Menendez. Not to mention he refuses to call Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organizations which his father was a founding member. Yeah Rauffy boy seems like a pillar of the community all right.

Now even more intriguing is Al-Gamal waiter turned real estate mogul. First off where did he work? and are they any shifts opening up over there? In 2005 he put a man in the hospital for not paying his brother’s rent. So badly was the man beaten that he agreed to pay him 15 thousand dollars of which he of course welched. Now he manages to purchase 45 park place for 4.5 million after the owner of the property turned down a offer of 18 million cash! Why? I cannot believe mister thug sweet talked his way down 75% on the price. Then there is another stooge in this dark comedy Hisham Elzanaty. Some money man from Egypt who has been backing our real estate waiter friend from the beginning. Turns out homeboy’s money is a little funny. He was giving thousands to a terrorist front organization for the last decade. twin_towers

Fellow citizens please let us never forget what happened that awful day and all the people that were taken from us that day. I would not let this group open up a Car Service much less a Mosque.

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Mosque Issue Inspires Our Youth

September 6th, 2010 No comments

DSC02441DSC02421What a great day we had down at Ground Zero celebrating our 1st Amendment Rights to petition against this completely inappropriate Victory Mosque located right in the shadow of Ground Zero.

People from upstate and even some from out of state all gathered here to let their voices be heard. This has been Blue Collar Corner’s purpose all along to let the Johnny Lunchpale and Sally Housecoat speak out and finally be heard. Thanks to Bob Kunst and his supporters who came from Fla. to fight the idea of this hurtful project and to defend Israel and the freedoms of this nation he organized all the permits to do so. Bob is also running for Congress against a Pelosi-like incumbent a Miss Wasserman Shultz. Your basic liberal nightmare on crack. We wish Bob luck and prayers  my friend and many thanks for your work in fighting this injustice.


I had some great interviews from a couple of young people and a fellow Hard Hat like myself who also paid his dues down in the pit in the many months after the clean-up.

A huge thanks goes out to my dear friend L.V. Spina who has been a great supporter with his stickers and t-shirts and can be found at :

We managed to get a couple of hundred signatures that day which was great on a holiday weekend and to all those out of staters : Your a stranger here only once come back real soon we will be needing you. Stay tuned for upcoming events, for the next several weekends we have plans and a candle light vigil. God Bless my friends.

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Our Greatest Asset

September 4th, 2010 1 comment

DSC01588It’s not often I am moved to post a video after just one watch but this one was so powerful I felt compelled to do so.

DSC01017God bless you young warriors who make it possible for us to sleep at night under your protection. I will make it my mission in life to let my readers , kids and family know without  your sacrifice we are nothing. I am in awe of your dedication and bravery may God bless each and every one of you.

A humble citizen of the United States of America.

P.S. Thanks Marie Z.

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Our Secret Weapon Against the GZ Mosque

September 2nd, 2010 6 comments

DSC02408There is one group of Islamophobes that infest this city and most of the country and I believe their kind should be eradicated. They hide in plain site and spew forth their dishonest ways in the most cowardly methods. I speak of our elected officials of course. Never have I seen a group of spineless fools fall over themselves to try and show how incredibly tolerant they are even at the expense of our values, safety and mental abuse towards our brave 911 families and our incredibly valiant military.

DSC02413You should really check out the way this old tax cheat liar and crook talks about the Constitution like he actually gives a damn. I was at the gathering of the 55 Imams at City Hall on Wednesday in disguise and ol’ good and plenty Charlie shows up full of piss and vinegar lying like a rug. Afterwards I thought I needed to bathe in ammonia in case I contracted political herpes. Please check out video:

See this guy doesn’t even answer the question. Well I have finally found the solution to the ” Victory Mosque” issue. Thanks to my very creative and resourceful readers and Mr. Greg Gutfeld of ” Red Eye” ( The conservatives answer to John Stewart) we could test the level of tolerance of Shariff Al Gemal our waiter turned real estate mogul and Imam Feisal 911 is the United States fault Rauff by building a gigantic Gay Cultural Center right next store.DSC02410

Now if they past that test then we advance to the opening up: Fat Andy’s Pork Store on the other side. I will make sure every employee has a store issued bacon strip apron and an outdoor free pigs in a blanket. All the waste and discarded pork fat and bone I will have to store on the property till the sanitation man comes but I’m sure my fellow Americans will be tolerant of such things after all I will set up the store as a charity feeding those who are hungry. What religion could possibly be against such a merciful charitable act?

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