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No Permits No Mosque

DSC01508Why is the Ground Zero Mosque allowed to hold services when they do not have a Certificate of Occupancy. The last C of O they had was issued to them  in 1989 and it was categorized as a retail space not a prayer space or Mosque.

When I looked into their construction activities I noticed that in 2000 of January they filed for a work permit to install 2 air conditioning units on the 2nd floor. A year later the 911 attacks occur and the building is damaged from the landing gear crashing through its’ roof and the interior of the building. Amazingly they do not file to do any work or repairs or if they do they do it illegally.

Now if you had an unfinished basement and decided to fix it up and turn it into a rental property you would have to file for a work permit to perform these tasks and when you were done with all of the work it would need to be inspected. If everything passed inspection then you would be issued a temporary C of O until the space was finished a 100%  and then upon final inspection if all is well you would be issued a C of O.

That’s the legitimate way of doing construction in NYC. Now if someone saw you doing work and knew you didn’t file and decided to rat you out to the Building Department they would come down look at the space and make you take the entire job apart and bring the whole thing to it’s original condition regardless of the money you spent which could easily been in the 30 or 40 thousand mark Ouch!

DSC01560As I write this the Cordoba Initiative is operating this space as a Mosque. It has not performed any work on it according to the Building Department and certainly hasn’t applied for permits or their C of O. This is not legal. If this was you or me we would be thrown in jail. Why then do they let this group circumvent all of our rules and laws.

Mayor Bloomberg I know you have lofty aspirations on your ego resume( White House appointment or W H run and surely the Shariah Financing must be quite interesting to you as well) but for the love of God are you going to let these people do whatever the Hell they want? Enough is Enough! this is why there is a Tea Party this is why a Republican sits in Teddy’s seat in Mass. This is why Paladino is breathing down your boys’ back ( Andrew Cuomo) this is why Christine O’Donell is taking Delaware -this is why B Boxer is toast -this is why Harry Reid’s own son will not use his own name in campaign adds- this is why we all must get out there and vote in November. God Bless America and all my fellow Blue Collars who are either working twice as hard and making less or looking for work period. Fear not help is on the way.

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  1. michael cahill
    September 26th, 2010 at 20:42 | #1


    just curious about what you consider your ultimate goals.

    what’s your position on islam? if you could push a button and eliminate islam from the US, would you do it?

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