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BKLYN Tea …Party that is

DSC01697Dr. John Pressman a fellow Brooklynite and friend who runs the Tea Party in my favorite part of the world is having a Rally for the locals to show our elected officials we are asserting  ourselves back into the political conversation. Too long we have sat on our couch and werehappy enough with the status quo until some radical changes started to occur.

 DSC01242Suddenly work started to become scarce. People who got involved in these Jumbo Mortgages were beginning to fall behind and eventually lost them. Seniors who were living on a fixed income started to see their nest eggs begin to crack and bleed. Before you knew it the “Ruling Class” were spending all of our money to bail out the very entities that were taking our homes. As the job market became more and more bleak Washington and all of its’ non- wisdom just started to throw vast amounts of our tax dollars at a fix called ….Stimulus. The only thing this pig stimulated was unemployment. As the unemployment hit 10% Barry, Nancy and Harry thought it wise to do government Health Care. Yeah! that’ll bring some jobs back…NOT!  We are going to cover 30 million more residents and the price of Health Care will go down? WTF. Of those 30 million you know there will be a huge swath of illegals in that mix which brings up another gem of legislation: Immigration. Arizona wants to enforce a federal law but Barry says no if we can’t do it no one else should either. Brewer the Governor says jam it Barry my state is the kidnapping capital of the world and I’m protecting them so he brings the whole state up on charges. What a leader.DSC02497

Still with all that terrible legislating nothing was more egregious than the blessings given to the Cordoba Initiative to open a Triumphant Mosque right on top of the ashes of our dead loved ones and this my friends is when people of sound minds bellow: ” Enough is Enough”! We let this atrocity get built what in the name of sweet Jesus is next? I shudder to think. Something I learned very early in life is the more you eat from people the more they will shove it down your throat. So Sept. 19th at 3pm on the 69th street peir we will be gathering for a Rally to stop the Governmental Blob that is consuming and stifiling  all that is good and creative and inspires growth and investment. Time for the grown ups to start running things again you kids have stripped the gears and it’s time for an overhaul. Get Out! Is it November yet?

P.S. The response of the 911 Hard Hat Pledge has been so great that people who are not tradesman are interested to contribute. That’s why we now have the PUSHMAIL CAMPAIGN where you can send postcards to our favorite politicians to let them know how you feel. I’m hoping for a “Miracle on 34street ” moment with huge satchels of postcards being dumped on their property. All this for less than 2 bucks / Results: Priceless

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  1. Lim Lynn
    September 15th, 2010 at 09:39 | #1
    Danger…can we really can flank enemies “since surrounded soon onslaughter by enemies???”

  2. Raymond P Gallagher
    September 15th, 2010 at 10:11 | #2


    I am not a trademan. I am a pencil pusher, but I have been with you since this farcical situation first started. Like you I grew up in New York (Queens for me). We as a nation and as a people ARE very tolerant. but we have learned not to tolerate being bullied. Growing up and playing in the St. Joan of Arc schoolyard seems to have paid off.

    I am number 48 on the list of hopefully many who have used your wonderful website to send a postcard to all those meatheads in office. Rep. Peter King, who is not in my district did respond with a wonderful letter to me for my letter to him about the insensitivity of this slimey, two faced, lying hypocrit who calls himself a man of God.

    One more thing. I deplore desecrating the Koran, however, I don’t recall my President, SecDOD, and FBI coming down on those people who placed my Cricifix in a jar of urine or a statute of the Blessed Virgin in a pile of dung and called it art. the lines of separation od Church and State are becoming blurried.

    it used to be “…when people fear the government there is tyranny, when government fear the people ther is liberty…”

    E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one ….response…..move it! Let’s keep our Liberty burning strong and long.

    God Bless the USA

  3. judicious
    September 15th, 2010 at 23:23 | #3

    A Wisconson candidatate is in line with the cause. she is sick of “them” as well.

    evidently we are jut one of many agendas…hmm…

  4. September 16th, 2010 at 20:55 | #4

    Andy: Great seeing you at the Rally. Don’t forget that HB1388 PASSED behind our backs, and it hardly made the news anywhere. Obama signed off on funding $20 million in US tax payer $$$ to immigrate Hamas Refugees to the USA, probably to Imam Rauf’s deplorable tenements where the Section 8 housing requirements are ‘reduced or nullied’. That wouldn’t surprise me! It’s actually $20.3 million in migration assistance to the Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza, specifically, and I’m wondering if they will be allowed to board both vessels and jets with concealed ‘heat-seekers’ neatly packed and uninspected, headed West to our insane land. I bet this financial ‘stimulus package’ trumps even the Donald’s wise chess-move, which was removed, of course, off the playing table. Advertise your up-coming rally in Bklyn., when you can! Thanks, for being a voice against the Cordoba Monstrosity.

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