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Beck Rally in D.C.

DSC02400What a turnout! It was easily in the hundreds of thousands and the people just kept on coming. There I was with my kids, girlfriend and a very nervous dog who was continually being hydrated by people we did not know. Such a wonderful gathering with a trifecta of faith, family and country that I have never before experinced. Back in my twisted mind I wondered what would happen if Rev. Al and his opposing rally would have come marching through what would have been the outcome? I believe the answer would be he would have been welcomed with open arms. He missed out on a golden opportunity to truly pay homage to Martin Luther King.

DSC02360The true star I believe was this dear woman who spoke about her son in special forces who loved his country and was so very proud to serve and the awful news she had to tell her grandson about his Daddy’s plane being broke and how he might not make it home. The lump I got in my throat was throbbing as the child ran upstairs to get his toy toolkit so he could fix his Daddy’s plane and he could come home. It is at moments like that you realize just how blessed we are and how we should get down on our knees and thank our creator for all he has given us in particular this great nation who is constantly under attack either from punks with exploding shoes or underwear or fools with SUV’s that don’t go BOOM. Now it seems the field of play has moved to a more stealth-like arena. It takes the form of crooked politicians with personal gain on their mind or a Media that has completely sold out to the left. The new term that is being used is called Lawfare. Using our own laws and freedoms against us with the sole purpose of controlling our daily lives. ” This American system of government will work as long as the politicians do not discover that they can bribe the electorate with their own money.” DSC02404


You can actually feel these structures and the power that they house.

Another trip down to D.C. that was definately worth it. Anyone else go down we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Lisa
    September 2nd, 2010 at 14:42 | #1

    My husband and I attended the Restoring Honor rally and were so moved by the event. Not only were the speakers incredible, particularly Ms. King, but the crowd was peaceful and kind. Near the end of the program a couple in front of us left to get in line for the restroom but left their chairs, cooler, etc. When the program ended and they weren’t back a lady seated near, but not with them, picked up thier items and stacked them neatly where they were seated. We stayed at the reflecting pool until well after the concert and when we left there wasn’t a speck of trash to be found. All trash was neatly piled in bags at the public waste cans.

  2. gayle
    September 20th, 2010 at 14:36 | #2

    I have never felt safer, more a part of America than I did on 8 28… People… who love our country and Constitution brought their children to unite… as one body.
    there were not incidents of violence.
    there was no garbage left.
    we converted several of those who came from Sharptons demonstration with hate in their hearts… but once they saw… and listened.. they realized we were here for the truth.. and they joined us.
    This was the most powerful group of individuals to ever come together for God in the history of our nation.. or so I believe… it’ is the largest one in my lifetime. We prayed that day as one voice… and we are alive with the grace of the Lord… to continue.. many of us are willing to stand on the front lines… to give our lives if that is what needs to happen.. we the old will do what we must to preserve God’s people.

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