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Landmark Commission Green Lights Ground Zero Mosque

DSC02269Well no mystery here the fix was definately in. The Landmark Commission could not find any significance about a building that has been on the docket for over 20 years with it’s Italian style steel structure that was actually struck by a piece of the landing gear from terrorist Atta’s plane that was responsible for bringing down 1 of the 2 Twin Towers. The owner of the building Gemal was told at the sale of the building that they would not be a problem with the Landmark Commission and boy was he right. They behaved like good little puppets doing the Mayor’s dirty work and in process ripping open old hurtful wounds that were still very tender even after nearly a decade of healing. One pathetic member thought he was witty commenting during his testimony that he would love to even Landmark the sky but it was not their job to judge structures based on emotions and how 911 didn’t have enough credence to give it the protection of landmark status. Unbelievable. As they voted 9 to Zero and they were faint claps of support I couldn’t help it and yelled out to them ” Excuse me commissioners has anyone up on that panel lost a family member or loved one on 911″!  ” This is a disgrace! Turn around and look into those cameras and apologize to those 3 thousand families who are suffering right now. Go to tell your Mayor you did his dirty work.”

DSC02272Of course you still have to remind these people that we are still at war based on the tenents of this religion and there already is over 200 Mosques in New York alone. Do we really need another Mosque? Not smack in our face at a stone’s throw from Ground Zero we don’t. I have several videos from the days events.

DSC02267Once again former Congressman and candidate for Governor Rick Lazio was on the right side of the issue. He was one of the first politicians to stand up against the Terror Trials and bringing them to Downtown NYC and he was again one of the very few standing with us now. His opponent Andrew Cuomo is lock step with our 3 termer Mayor who is coming apart at the seams politically. Rick is challenging our Attorney General to investigate the funding of this project but he refuses to even bring up the topic with the very controversial Imam Rauff who refuses to condem groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist organizations with the fear his funding for this cursed Mosque will dry up.

DSC02257As I was outside Pace University looking at this great statue of Ben Franklin I wondered what our founding fathers would think of our predicaments we face today.

Well they are still going to need labor and permits to build anything and here in New York that means Unions. We all know our union leadership is constantly up for sale that’s why I think it will be the rank and file that stops this project. It was us that day running for our lives and hiding under cars and doorways as our great Towers collapsed. It was us pulling people and remains out of the rubble and carnage. It was us rebuilding the destroyed Winter Garden months afterwards as we watched the Ground Zero site smoke and fill our lungs with God knows what.

They are too many good and smart people behind the halting of this project and I refuse to believe that this building will happen. My prayers and condolences go out to the 911 families and anyone who was impacted at all from the attacks of that dark day but all is not lost and I will continue to fight for you and for my first love… Jody I miss you everyday.

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  1. John Buck
    August 8th, 2010 at 07:34 | #1

    As a former organizer for L.I.U.N.A. {NYC.NJ.DEL) who became DISGUSTED after learning at the GEORGE MEANY CENTER FOR LABOR STUDIES,Silver Springs MD that our leadership has afilliated with Communist ,Jihadist friendly UNI (Union Networks International) Global Union…..I came back to NJ and QUIT! I worked quadrant 4 for 12 days. This mosque is a slap in the face of every American. God Bless you BLUECOLLAR.COM….this insult must NOT stand. John Buck Regional Director American Federation of Citizen Union Workers P.A.C.

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