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Tea Party Leader David Webb/ NAACP and Charges of Racism

DSC01185The New Black Panther Party is preaching its’ members to “Kill some Crackers”! or ” We have to kill some white babies”! and the leader of the NAACP is declaring a war on Tea Parties while our first lady Michelle Obama runs to the podium to join in on the P.R. lynching.

Did I miss something? They just threw out the voter intimidation charge against that lovely fellow Mr. Shabbaz and a D.O.J. whistle-blower who said he was told by his superiors that they would not be prosecuting any black on white crime. What is the solution to this outrage?…Go after the Tea Parties. Un-freakinbelievable.

I had to call a dear friend of mine who is a Tea Party founding member, political analyst and hosts the radio show : The Grinder oh by the way he’s black. Yup. Who else better to get answers from when the entire world is upside down. Take a peek at some of the interview we did on Friday in between station breaks:

David talks about the former glory days of the NAACP and how they were at one time a great organization that did things that changed the nation in a positive way but now they have been co-opted by the leftist and have built walls around the group and has lost sight of its’ original purpose. It just shows the state of desperation the Administration is in and instead of making some common sense policy moves they pick a target marginalize it and mount a full all out attack on yet again the Tea Party. Didn’t that botox filled mannequin souless Pelosi try it and fail miserably?

David charged ” If you have proof of racism show us the evidence and we will denounce it” if it gets disproved ” Move On!” David said that the NAACP has built their racism charges on a False Foundation.

This coming election cycle is is ramping up to be the most urgent one in our country’s history. As I watch this President of ours and his complicit Democratic party unload these massive hunks of legislation on us impeding our freedoms and incinerating our wallets. This hairpin hard left Obama has taken is befret with doom.

I have owned several businesses and today I’m lucky to have a job but never have I seen a more poisonous business climate as the one we have today. I urge everyone to get out and send a message to these career politicians that the gravy train is coming to a halt and enough with your damn raises I’ve already had my compensation package cut to ribbons.

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