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Gulf Spill Media Blackout : Affirmative

DSC02066Well it’s true. The Coast Guard, the alphabet government agencies and every fisherman and business owner were all issued a gag order and they’re all abiding by it. I’m sure anyone associated with them will deny it but I’m here to tell you no one is talking.

DSC02073We approached the Venice Marina and it looked deserted. When I did see someone I asked him could he take us out to see some of the spill and record it. He took my number then vanished never to be seen again and only moments later we were escorted off the dock by some official looking charachters who would not even identify themselves, Upon our departure not 1 mile down the road we were pulled over for speeding. Coincidence? I think not.  Later that night I was told by a unknown caller to get my yankee ass back to New York. Obviously this coward doesn’t know the kid from Brooklyn and my response to him was fugheddaboudit! I ain’t going nowhere till I’m done. I knew at this point I was fighting something I couldn’t see or talk to so my instincts told me to go to the city. DSC02097Boy did that pay off. When I hit New Orleans it was a gusher of information and extremely vocal scared people who are fed up with Obama B.P. and the media in general. 

They had their facts straight and were asking all the right questions. They actually reminded me of my fellow Tea Party members who always do their homework and have all their facts straight

DSC02100Talking to these people was such a great experience for me personally. Regular blue collar folk speaking their mind and giving me a glimpse of how hard it is in their neck of the woods was a moving moment that I appreciate and treasure. I hope I do good by them because that’s why I do what I do. Real Americans telling their story. Not a bunch of ultra educated talking heads who live in the clouds talking about the middle class like they have a clue. DSC02102

One message that came through loud and clear was this: Hey” Mr. Obama we are not buying what your selling!” This was coming from die hard liberals who feel Obama is playing  inside baseball with B.P. Isn’t that remarkable? Obama has done something he actually said he was going to do…. he united the Right and the Left in condeming his behavior concerning the Gulf Oil Spill. DSC02082

Here’s an interesting sign I saw down there.

DSC02115Here is the epicenter of New Orleans : Jackson Square. Named after President Andrew Jackson. It certainly is an odd concoction of several walks of life down there. In the end I learned an incredible amount of knowledge concerning the Spill. Such as the dispersents that they were using were actually doing more harm then good. When it comes into contact with the oil it makes it sink below the surface and easy to pass below the boom and harder to skim because it breaks down the viscosity of the oil. Also it interrupts the natural dispersents…the microbes which break down the oil the proper and safe way.What was very revealing was the company that provided the dispersents NALCO is a business whose 2 major shareholders are ….. ready …wait for it ….Al Gore and Tony Rezko. LOL are they kidding me? Are we that stupid? when this all comes out it will make a great Behind the Story VH1. DSC02104Hope you enjoy the interviews and my commentary and would like to thank Jeff and Paul for the invite and the opportunity to participate in the documentary. Good Luck Project Shining City.

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  1. Phil Orenstein
    July 12th, 2010 at 00:26 | #1

    Andy, this is an amazing piece of work. You are a great American hero. The news blackout shows the perilous times we are living in and what we are fighting against. Thanks my brother.

  2. Anne Webb
    July 12th, 2010 at 22:17 | #2

    I’ve said countless times that President Obama will never unite republicans and democrats. Well I was wrong! Liberals and conservatives have finally seen the light and have come together in unison in search of REAL answers concerning this deadly disaster oil spill…and Andy once again, takin it to the streets…this time in the amazing city of New Orleans, uncovering the TRUTH, the CRIES, and the untold voices of RIGHTEOUS ANGER in the midst of “THE NEWS BLACKOUT.” Is this now enough to prove to those high in office, that partisan politics is completely a bunch of bull?! Unfortunately, those leading the herd (and we all know who they are) will never come to terms with doing the right thing unless it benefits their political agenda!

    The American people won’t stand for partisan politics. They just want someone to plug the …hole!!!

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