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Where’s Our BP?

DSC00919One day after our Independence Day my mind drifts back to the day of 911. It was on that day my world had changed. Two buildings I had come to love were destroyed. In them people I had dearly loved and worked with and went to school with had perished along with an innocence that will never be restored. A day has never passed while working in those Towers where I didn’t have to step back and appreciate the remakable tradesmanship that was involved with each phase of it’s construction.

Everything from the intense speed of the elevators to the way the toilet water moved in the bowl when you were located near the top and that ever present sway the building did during a windy day. Sometimes it would move a couple of feet during a extrememly breezy day.

twin-towersIn the weeks that followed I was trying to process the way we had to pull people out after the first plane hit and people were told to stay put. All the Hard Hats I worked with went with our guts and just started tearing out of there and bringing as many people with us as we could. Later the cops and firemen arrived and many lives were lost and my prayers go out to those brave men and women. Maybe one day the 911 Hard Hats will get their due but I am just happy to be alive. Working on the very hot days that followed on the bucket brigades were miserable but in a strange way was cathartic. We needed to do something to release some of the pain and anguish.

It was during this period where I developed my ferocious sense of patriotism. Never will I take for granted the freedoms that were given to me by this great nation and I will be prepared to fight when necessary to defend them.

It didn’t take too long to realize the time to stand up and be counted is here. Our country is in a precarious crossroads and if we as a free nation do not stand up and fight on behalf of it’s freedoms we are doomed to be just like every other nation on earth…a slave to the state.

DSC01242This is a picture I actually took myself while at Cooper Union in downtown NYC during his financial reform speech. I managed to get in with the White House Press Corp.

Now I know Obama certainly didn’t make all of this happen. These types of moves take decades to be put into play but he is most definately doing his part to do what he said he would do on January 20th 2009. ” We will fundentally change the entire face of the United States of America” or something very close to that and you know what? I don’t want what this snake oil salesman is selling.

This man who  is our President and the most powerful man on earth could not get a job working for the FBI or the CIA  due to his background and associations with extreme political radicals yet here he is in charge of these very agencies.  God forbid you bring something like that up and you get hit with the Scarlet Letter RACIST.

Well us here in NYC are still waiting for all these jobs that hoax of a “Stimulus” was to create or the pledge of “Focus like a laser on jobs”instead we get that empty headed vapid botox manniquen Pelosi telling us that unemployment stimulates the economy more so then anything we ‘re looking at. All the while these financial vampires that we call public servants never miss a chance to vote themselves another raise. Stunning.

My heart goes out to the hard working men and women in the Gulf but where’s New York’s 20 billion slush fund to supplement our lost income due to the excesses and greed of government? Sure they blame everything from corporations to Wall Street for the recession meanwhile it was government and all it’s taxes and regulations that are decimating us.In New York they spend our money on fundraisers and bailouts to those who play ball but come November there will be a reckoning and the country will witness the rise of the once again most powerful force of good on the planet-The United States of America.God bless her.

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  1. July 6th, 2010 at 09:30 | #1

    This web site is bullshit. You can’t be telling the truth about the things you talk about. I bet you are sitting in your parents basement right now stealing someone else’s work. You probably don’t even have a job. Stinking Neo-Con. Go and listen to your idol Limaugh and Hannity and spew their filth as they hop into their 100 thousand dollar vehicles laughing all the way to the bank over idiots like you.

  2. Jamie Wood
    July 10th, 2010 at 10:23 | #2

    It makes me laugh that when a lib hears something he doesn’t agree with they will always resort to insults. Knowing Andy and reading Mo Lamela’s description of him is proof that this coolaid drinker speaks through his rectum.

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