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Right Man Right Time: Rick Lazio

January 17th, 2010 No comments


I think we should follow Beantown’s lead ( Mass.) and start moving in the direction of plain common sense governing.

This is amazing what’s going on in Kennedy Country. The bluest of blue states on the verge of filling Ted’s seat with that of a Republican. Scott Brown came out of nowhere behind 30 points in the polls and all of sudden on a platform of ” I will vote against this governmental takeover of our Health Care” BOOM the guy is actually leading in some polls and the PBA just endorsed him while his opponent Martha Coakley Massachusetts Attorney General and wife of a former policeman are stunned.

These shocking revelations have all Democrats running to defend the seat. It is rumored that O’l Barry himself is going to do a shout out for his girl up north since it did Virginia and New Jersey alot of good ….NOT!

He’s really exposing himself for some serious collateral damage if Brown takes the seat. A year ago I would say ” Obama’s going to lock it up for Martha with one teleprompted generated speech and Brown’s done” today no way Jose. Lately Bam Bam has been the Midas Touch in reverse. See Virginia and New Jersey.

Plus there is a contingent of democrats who see this as their way out of being locked in to this Health Care behemoth. The failure of the bill will give them cover against the voters and protect them from the wrath of Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

I wrote months ago that the single worst thing in the world to happen to the democrats would be the passage of this bill but anyone I spoke with told me I was wrong. Both Sean Hannity and Mark Levin with whom I’m big fans of scolded me for being to “politically cynical and abandoning my principals” I know Hannity is a little high strung sort of like a Reaganite on steroids but Mark is a genius and I was surprised he didn’t see my way of thinking. If you look back at Clinton’s Hillary Care after it failed the party became very united and even Slick Willy curbed his tax and spend ways and went on to win his second term easily and the country flourished economically but suffered from a National Security standpoint but the dems never speak of that.

That’s for another blog .Today I want to talk about a breath of fresh air in the political arena Rick Lazio. This fellow could be our Scott Brown except Rick has a serious political pedigree and the fact that he has been out of the game for a while is even more appealing. Just like George Foreman he’s well rested and fresh with the wisdom of veteran and the energy of a young buck. He’s a solid conservative on all the issues and yet a real working man’s hero always supporting fields like construction and manufacturing.

I k now Rick is running for governor and it wont be an easy race. Andrew Cuomo and his attempt at being the Eliot Ness of New York is laughable. He’s as dirty as the rest of them ( Schumer, Weiner, Rangel, Dodd, Frank) all knew about the bonuses for AIG and their blatant fight to make it seem like their protecting the voters interest was insulting. To this day Andrew is looking to score points with the public in the most “Sharpton” of ways. His deeds will be exposed on this blog when the time is right. In the meantime Rick Lazio either governor or senator we need a man like you.

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New York’s Most Unwanted : OBAMA

January 15th, 2010 No comments

Here I have some great shots of the capital of the planet: Earth N.Y.C. When I look back and think what a rotten deal N.Y. has gotten lately it makes me sick. It seems the White House is quite happy sprinkling crap all over this incredible city of ours. Today at Ground Zero we are still looking at a crater in the center of downtown. A constant reminder that on 911 and everyday afterwards the terrorists and the politicians have won the day. Do we have any private commercial space reserved so we can build it?……No we don’t. Lets remember to thank Mr. Chris Ward who has decreed that there will not be one square foot of space built unless rented beforehand. Mr. Ward is the head executive of the Port Authority. If the economy flatlines he doesn’t care he still gets paid with funds provided by the government who in turn gets it from private enterprise. You know when we built the Empire State Building it was the middle of the Great Deppression and not one office was rented and it only took 410 days. Why can’t we use the Tarp funds that are being paid back from the banks. Wall street had its best year in a decade yet unemployment is still at nightmare levels. Thanks Mr. President for KSM and a chance to give him a view of his deadly handiwork and put all NY at risk. Thank you Mr. President for a 2 trillion dollar Health Care Bill that will cripple small business  along with the whole Global Warming fraud that will also kill business and transfer what’s left of our wealth overseas to people that hate us or to China who we borrow money from to help run our own country. Soon it will be China themselves running things if that isn’t the case already. God Bless America my home sweet home lets take it BACK!DSC00673


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America Rising Part II

January 13th, 2010 1 comment

This video keeps getting pulled off You Tube. It plays like a movie trailer. Very well done and extremely powerful. Please copy it if you can and save it. Come 2012 it will come in handy.

Andy  BCC

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Brown Storms Beantown

January 13th, 2010 1 comment

Mass Hysteria in Massachusetts. The Dems are in panic mode. Scott Brown former military man conservative and Republican is running for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. Here’s the insane part – he might win. His whole campaign is I will vote no for this Health Care boondoggle.

The polls have this race neck and neck. This is stunning. Massachusetts is as blue a state as it gets and the seat that Ted (the drunken murderer) Kennedy who was worshiped up there because of his last name might go to a Republican and destroy Harry (the Negro hater) Reid’s super majority.

Why? Because the PEOPLE don’t want it!

It raises premiums for people who have insurance.

It puts at risk your present patient doctor relationship if covered by your employer if you’re lucky enough to have a job.

It claims to cover 30 million more people AND will save money. Are they serious? Do they really think anyone is buying this line of bull? Especially after all the lies we have been told in just the first year.

It puts an incredible amount of power in the hands of government. The IRS in particular. Along with 150 brand new governmental boards who will judge who gets what.

The most notorious part of the bill is the disadvantage it puts our seniors at. Medicare will soon be poison to most doctors. You cannot actually think the government will gut 500 billion dollars out of these programs and further push the system by stacking 30 million on top of it and think it will all work out.

As they try to reconcile this bill they have to bribe their own members I.E. Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu. Both were given hundreds of millions for their votes. Too bad C-SPAN wasn’t allowed to record it like candidate Obama promised. That’s just another Obama lie to add to the pile.

Go get ‘em Scott you have my prayers sir.

Imagine over 2,000 pages and 2.5 trillion and not one page or dollar given to tort reform or interstate purchase of insurance. BTW we have 1,700 insurance companies that operate throughout the country. We presently have some states with only 1 or 2 companies competing with each other fostering monopoly conditions. By dropping state borders you will create an explosion of choice and competition.

Anyone remember those words? The writers of this bill do not.

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Rude Awakening Barry

January 12th, 2010 No comments
7WTC on the RIGHT
7WTC on the RIGHT

Here are some photos of ground zero. If you look around the site what do you notice? Everything else all around the area is built back. Why are we not building the hell out of the area? How in the space of one year can Goldman Sachs completely construct their own world headquarters in that time? Financing and freedom from governmental red tape and regulation.

Where did they get their financing in the middle of an economic collapse? The same guy who said he didn’t become the President of the United States to stuff the pockets of a bunch of  Wall Street fat cats yet that’s exactly what he did and with our money to boot. Now The Port Authority who is in charge of the project wants to sell off 1 WTC before it’s even built.

Here we stand 9 years later and we have a hole in the ground and in our hearts where friends and loved ones lost their lives whose only crime was that they showed for work that day. The filthy scum who organized these events now will get a chance to see their handywork up close. Thanks Mr. President the day you decided to try and ignore the fact that even with you as President that they still want to kill us.

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Hope and Change

January 10th, 2010 No comments

So Obama supporters are you happy? Is this what you signed up for? He’s doing what he wanted to do. It’s just that he didn’t think it was going to be this hard. His ” Blame Bush” montra is about to expire. I can still see Obama-bots 2 years from now using it but it will be a joke by then. This present situation is his making. You can’t just ignore a conflict and hope it will go away just because he made another lame teleprompted generated speech. The move to close Gitmo was pure politics. This was a candidate stroking his base without any concern about the ramifications of such an action.

What’s gained? You think Al Qeda members will drop their weapons and go back to their homes to raise their children? You think these animals actually need more reasons to hate us? This resentment of our way of life goes back hundreds of years. It’s certainly not Israel either. All of Israel could pack up and leave tomorrow you think this will stop them from attacking? 

My liberal friends Islam is the vehicle by which these extremists use as a tool to inflict dominance over other peoples. The Koran talks of violence and murder to protect their beliefs and to inflict them on others. What other religeon does this? Sharia law is extreme to say the least. Honor killings. This is something that happens with frequencey in Islamic communities. Chopping off of body parts as it relates to the crime. The complete disregard of womens rights and homosexuality well consider that a crime and I would be interested to see what parts get eliminated in a violation such as that.

Well it ain’t over. Good always triumphs over evil. People who say there is no enemy are usually the ones that are the enemy.

I can feel the Hope and Change in the air. Except it’s not the Obama kind. See ya in 2012 Barry and you can kiss goodbye to that super majority in the Houses especially that cracker Reid.obama[1]

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We are at War: Really?

January 8th, 2010 1 comment

If we are at war Mr.President please tell me why we are still treating the people that attack us like common criminals and not wartime combatants. If these people were picked up by satellite from above overseas we would just rain down some hellfire missles and send them straight to their 72 virgins compliments of the Predator Drone.

Instead we are motivating them to come here and attack us on our own soil because even if they fail and get caught they will have the whole Jihadist movement jumping for joy as they and our lovely liberals exploit our system of laws to make us look foolish and weak emboldening them even further.

Barry you still could come out of this without looking like a flaccid weak jellyfish of a leader. Hell your still my President even if I think you’re awful but we are talking about the safety of our fellow countryman and that trumps politics. So suspend the Gitmo closing drop this governmental Health Care debacle and rock and roll with these military tribunals.

Remember a wise man said: If you keep attacking the people who protect you and protect the people who attack you you will be attacked. What do you think? My first big saying and I must say it is quite fitting. C’mon Barack lets Rock! PLEASE!!!!!

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Obama Drones On

January 7th, 2010 No comments

Let me get this straight cause I don’t have the big Ivy League pedigree these geniuses have. If we apprehend a terrorist either here or overseas we get him his Miranda rights administered a lawyer from the state and treat him with all the love, care and sensitivity of a lost puppy.

Yet several thousand miles away in the remote areas of Afghanistan where the Taliban and their fighters are staged we send out our number 1 kill tool: The Predator Drone. An awesome piece of hardware indeed. Far from the cameras of the mainstream media this method of dispensing justice is by far the more preferred amongst most Americans.

The ACLU and liberals in general of course are against this but thank God they’re not calling the shots. Could you even imagine if the liberals were the ones at the helm when serious stuff hit the fan back during WWII? Right now we’d be speaking Germanese.

The hypocrisy has never been more evident as it is in this instance.

Doesn’t anyone realize this gives the terrorist more incentive to come here and attack us on our own homeland knowing full well that they will get what every terrorist wants….Attention. Not only that their fellow pieces of garbage will look at them as heroes AND they get to stay alive. What a deal.

Get Ready America! Thanks Barry

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See? No C-Span Obama lie # 127

January 5th, 2010 5 comments

So much for another campaign promise tossed into the heap of Candidate Obama’s trail of broken promises. Or what normal people who don’t talk like lawyers or politicians call it lies.

How many times did we hear Mr. Hope and Change talk about his Health Care plan and how it’s so good that he wants to invite C-Span into chamber to record the entire process on tape? I personally saw him use the same line half a dozen times. This whole process has taken place behind closed doors with not one Republican at the table. When confronted with the question White House speaker Robert Gibbs simply told everyone there that the people don’t want C-Span there and we already know what’s in it and we will have plenty of time to review the bill before it’s signed. Does anyone actually feel that way? I don’t.

Sounds like another act of rampant transparency.

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Councilman Dan Halloran Inauguration

January 5th, 2010 1 comment

20100103143632(3)DSC00657A special day for a fine man. Check out some of New York’s best and brightest as they honor Mr. Dan Halloran.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



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