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Target targets Israel and Terror Trial Backlash

In the wake of an angry defiant State of the Union people from around the country came to ground zero for several reasons. It was an anniversary for the Holocaust it was a protest against having the Terror Trial here at Ground Zero. It was a stripping down of this political correctness agenda and to give the American people a wake up call and shout enough is enough!

Well in this great society of ours we vote our way to satisfaction and today was no different. A strong supporter of Israel and for states rights we met Liz Berny. She will be running against Gary Ackerman for Congress in the 5th district of Queens. She has been a constant defender of our Constitution and appalled at the direction our country is going. You cannot attack those who protect us and protect those who attack us it is a recipe for destruction and death.

I am not afraid of having this scum here I’m ashamed of the fact that after a decade we still have a hole in the ground  where I have friends and lovers in that mass grave and we have built up every building around it yet here we are minus 3,000 lives and 2 of the greatest structures ever built. This sucks.

Finally I learned something stunning today. Down in Florida a 12 year old girl bought a globe to study and when she went to look for Israel she couldn’t find it. She then called in her father who couldn’t find it either and to his astonishment in the place where Israel should be marked was Palestine and ONLY Palestine.

He quickly called the store they apologized for the screw up and promised it would be removed from the shelves. Once Bob Kunst the President of Shalom International  found out all hell broke loose and that is what brought us here today. Well he is leading a campaign across the country to buy up whatever is left on the shelves and be done with it.

We shall see stay tuned and check out the pics and vids









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  1. dantespeak
    January 30th, 2010 at 15:28 | #1

    I’m pretty sure Obama has never been to the World Trade Center site, and wasn’t there for the 9-11 anniversary. It doesn’t seem to mean anything to him.We lost many people from Middletown, Monmouth County.You could easily see the towers from Keyport to Sandy Hook.I sure hope they get the lead out and start building the new tower.As for Israel, we should be supporting them as much as possible,although this administration is quiet about the mideast situation.They probably have those same globes at Columbia University.

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