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GOP Storm The Council

DSC00608Five republicans were sworn in at City Hall by our 3rd term mayor. This was the biggest influx of Republicans in the Council in 10 years.

They included Vincent Ignizio and James Oddo of S.I. and from Queens were Eric Ulrich, Peter Koo and the hometown favorite Dan Halloran.

The mayor told everybody in the chamber he was looking forward to working with these five young men not as republicans, democrats or independents but as New Yorkers. Being at the swearing in I thought I saw a wink of sarcasm from our former republican mayor.

There is a bit of drama surrounding this Council. The speaker Christine Quinn who is expected to win a second term has a Mr. Charles Barron a Democrat from Queens looking to challenge her. Mr. Barron is famous for his temper and recently had a heated confrontation with CUNY trustee JefferyWiesenfeld. The mere fact that he is supported by the Rev. Al Sharpton is enough to discredit him.

I feel that the tide is changing and the people will not tolerate this ever-growing government with its reckless spending, borrowing and taxing. It has already begun all one has to do is to look at the smaller races to see the masses are unhappy and they want change all right just not the one Obama sold us.

I also included some footage of the event:

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