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Terror Protest: The People Have Spoken  I have assembled a collection of videos of Saturday’s Protest and presently recovering from the beating my body took in the icy wet rainy conditions that didn’t prevent hundreds of people from making their outrage known or staying for the full 2 hours to voice against the absurdity of this travesty of justice.

Can this administration make one decision grounded in common sense? Why then do this?

The answer seems simple enough. I’m sure anyone reading this is seeing the political fingerprints all over it. We are getting used to the O- Gang and their blatant agenda driven policies but to risk the the safety and security of this nation for the sole purpose of bashing Bush by proxy through a team of park avenue blue chip defense attorneys is borderline treason.

By exposing sensitive information we give our enemies material to help them in their quest to destroy our way of life. Does Obama care? I guess not. He seems more concerned about his tanking approval ratings and the remedy of turning them around he goes to his old faithful blame Bush mantra except now the lawyers will do it for him and to hell with the consequences. What a leader.

 Well I’m a big fan of the truth and what’s right and together we can stop this so join me and thousands of others by going to your Senators and Congressmen and let them know this is not acceptable also go to: 9/

In these videos you will see Debra Burlingame in her tireless effort to fight this trial alongside her there is Tim Brown one of our brave firefighters who was a first responder on that sunny deadly day. One Hollywood giant Brian Dennehy read a letter from Daniel Pearlman’s parents that was very moving and the MC was one of America’s sharpest political minds who also is one of the top talk show hosts in the nation Mr. Steve Malzberg.

In the videos you will see great speeches given from victims and parents of victims and some clips of Eric (we are a nation of cowards ) Holder getting grilled by Lindsay Graham as he continually cannot find the answer to the Senators questions once again exposing this administrations naivety. You can’t call New Yorkers cowards and get away with it you should know that Eric.

God Bless America

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