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DNC makes ACORN look like Boy Scouts

Harry Reid and Co. are starting to make ACORN look like the Boy Scouts. I can see it now Harry “ The Living  Corpse”Reid in his best Starsky and Hutch Huggy Bear Wear with the feather in the hat and everything. Even a pair of platform shoes with the gold fish swimming in the heels of them.

Let us not forget our Madame Pelosi. I finally understand why she always seems to position herself next to Dirty Harry. Next to him she looks like the ivory girl and not like the sack of Botox and silicone mannequin that she really is. The latest addition to this Ma and Pa whorehouse political party is the flavor of the Health Care Bill Senator Mary” Top Shelf Talent “Landrieu.

Yes this fine piece of political tail will run you some big bucks. A night with this Philly will run you some serious tax payer money somewhere in the area of the hundred million dollar range! But hey it’s not their money it’s ours.

Boy this bill must be amazing for it to cost 3 hundred million for one vote. I wonder what everyone else got and if they didn’t get anything they will surely get it now. Bad girl Mary. Dirty Harry and Madame Pelosi  are going to get all Ike Turner on you but don’t worry at least you’ll be covered I think.

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