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Move over O.J., here comes K.S.M.

It happens once and a while where Lindsay Graham hits one out of the park and boy he never did it like he did yesterday in D.C.  The victim was our brave illustrious Attorney General Eric (we are a nation of cowards ) Holder. The Stedman look-alike A.G. was hammered with great probing common sense questions like “ he wants to die and already confessed to this atrocity so what are we doing taking this to a civilian court instead of a military tribunal” ol’ Stedman’s answer was we have tried terrorists before and have a 91% conviction rate.

I’m not impressed by those numbers plus I think this is dangerous to call all this attention to downtown where  to this day  we still have an enormous crater in the ground where the towers used to stand as a matter of fact it’s disgraceful. We have built up everything around the site except the site itself. The Winter Garden, 7 World Trade and 1 Liberty all freshly renovated and smack in the middle is the mass grave of 3,000 people with nothing but a hole in the ground. As a New Yorker I’m ashamed and embarrassed and to bring these animals past the area to see where they did their killing where it will give them great pleasure which sickens me and will show to the world that we still have not even repaired the area  and once again shows us as weak.

As Sessions , Kyle and Graham peppered Holder with great legal questions it was Graham that he had no answer for. Is there a precedent for what you are about to do? Man it felt like an eternity the pregnant pause till finally Graham says: I’ll answer it for you NO!

This is by far the most reckless decision made to date and with everything else going on it might lose its top spot.

**Attention BCC members! Saturday November 21 there will be a protest in Central Park by 5th ave. and Central Park South between 12:00 and 3:00 I will be there to cover the event .  We must stop this government takeover of our health care come and be heard!

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