Unemployment Solution for the USA

January 11th, 2014 Written by: No comments

Good-looking construction worker — Stock PhotoWe have had one of the worst unemployment spells I have ever experienced. That’s saying a lot since for over 3 decades I’ve been a member. Being in construction it has always proved to be the greatest benchmark by which to measure the economic vitality of an area. If we ain’t building- fiscally we ain’t growing. That is why construction is so accurate. When investments are made buildings are being put up or at least renovated. This has a wonderful ripple effect because the skilled worker is now collecting a very nice salary and in turn putting that wealth back into the community in the form of goods and services. These lateral benefactors are now selling their services and merchandise to them experiencing the fiscal boost. The magic of the Free Market. It’s that simple.

Fast Forward to present day. We have this elongated length of high unemployment and we have a serious case of people becoming so dejected that they give up…If we are to remain the Global Economic juggernaut that we have always been this needs to end!

My Solution is to create an entity very similar to a Head Hunter except all applicants are collecting unemployment past the 6 month mark. Why? Because at this stage 2 things are happening to the out of work American- 1) he or she is becoming completely disenchanted with the current employment opportunities and lack thereof 2) Their Skill Set is beginning to rot. When you have no reason to wake up in the morning because there is no where to go that really goes to work on your moral. You start to develop a bad attitude and become miserable and even some cases depressed. These elements are toxic to any employer. What to do?

This Employment Agency Corp. EAC will partner you up to work with a company in your chosen field. They will make sure you are working with a fellow employee who has agreed to help update you on the latest methods and tools. These are critical when trying to immerse yourself back into the workforce. You will immediately begin to feel better. Things like confidence and self esteem will return amazingly fast and trust me the employer will sense that as well.  At the end of your trial period the employer will be given the first opportunity to put you on full time as a PAID employee or put you back into the cycle at EAC.

Now this is not perfect but it does address some of the very worse things of long term unemployment and tries to counter some of the damage.

Picture it. A Company that hires you to work as an intern. You do not get a salary but you do get the benefit of working with one of the top outfits in your industry. You begin to build your network and if all goes well get hired by the company that sponsored you. If not move on to the next one. At least your growing your resume and experience and exposing yourself to these priceless opportunities.  Folks, for people in their late 30′s to mid 50′s it is damn near impossible to get your foot in the door to one of these corporations. This will absolutely enhance your ability to do just that.

What’s your opinion? We’d love to know.

Andy Sullivan Blue Collar Hard Hats

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Happy New Year ! 40k New Laws Killing the American Dream

January 4th, 2014 Written by: No comments

Well Happy New Year! I guess we know the resolution for the elected officials in this country …To Tax, Regulate Lie and cheat your way to another term of enslaving the American People. What else could you make of enacting 40k New Laws?! Have you noticed it is nearly impossible to beat an entrenched elected representative? We must beware of this new and dangerous element that is infecting the American Politic. If we do not I fear for my children’s Freedom and opportunity.
You know if you talk to any one of the CEO’s of the businesses we patronize nearly everyday we find one common thread. If they tried to begin their road to fortune they would be quickly discouraged and very possibly give up. These are not the words of some Right Wing group and or political party. These are the words and sentiments of the entrepreneurs that make up businesses within the private sector.
Fred DeLuca, ever hear of him? He is a billionaire. The creator of the largest fast food chain on the globe- Subway. He came from the lower middle class and began his journey towards success when he was 17 years old. That was 1965. Things were a lot different back then. I was a mere glint in the eye of my father. Technology was medieval. Yet this young man with a fire in his belly and dreams of success in his heart worked hard and focused at the goals he had set in motion. Take a small sandwich shop and turn it into a billion dollar enterprise. This is the very embodiment of the American Dream. This is the reason why millions risk life and limb to come here …well it was once.
Today it seems people come here to ” Get what they have coming ” instead of ” doing whatever it takes to achieve their dreams of success”. A huge part of this latest shift has been caused by our ever increasing and ever watching Government. We have people coming from overseas feigning heart attacks at the airport knowing full well that they would immediately  signed up with every subsidy and government cheese these bureaucrats could sign off on. Once they become established now it’s time to start having children and making the tax payers support them.
If this does not change and I do mean now I fear we have little chance of being that juggernaut of economic growth and prosperity. These type handouts will be the very downfall of the greatest nation that ever was. As they further restrict us with more restraints , regulation, bureaucracies and growing tax burdens the Animal Spirit of Entrepreneurialism will die…and along with that the spirit of the United States of America.
Take care who you vote into office. This is our last stand. The Constitution to them is this ” Out of Date Document” that cant be applied to today’s environment. I strongly disagree…join me and let’s truly begin the Taking Back of this Nation of Freedom.
Andy Sullivan Blue Collar Hard Hats
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The Obamacare Lie is Bad but The Whopper is This!

December 29th, 2013 Written by: No comments

Believe me I am sickened by the 5 part lie that was told to the American people in regards to Obamacare. 1 ) If you like your Doctor you can keep him 2) If you like your coverage you can keep it 3) The price of insurance will drop for a family of 4 by 2,500 dollars a year 4) This is not a Tax ( people and the media seem to forget this one) 5 This law will help small business / not only is it killing the incentive for growth it’s killing the animal spirit of entrepreneurialism.( the 50 threshold of full time employees for mandatory coverage) All of this IS TOXIC I agree but the Whopper that we were told in the beginning of this Real Estate Banking Crisis was the Real Killer. What was it?
The Whopper:
We need to Bailout the Banks or else the entire economy will Collapse! I knew this was crap when they proposed it and here we are almost 5 years later and this economy Sucks! Pile onto of that a 17 trillion dollar debt load and the growing cost of Obamacare ( 2.5 Trillion and swelling ) How about the loss of 9 million employees out of the workforce. Misleading everyone is this bogus 7% unemployment number. I remember Nancy Pelosi almost having an anxiety attack when under Bush we had a 5% unemployment rate. Boy times have changed.
He is due for another State of the Union speech. Pass the Crystal Meth if you need to stay awake. Talk about over exposed, over scandalled. Just today The New York Times had an article claiming NOW the entire Benghazi attack was over this video that NO ONE SAW! They must really feel we are complete dolts! To be honest I can’t half blame them. How in the name of God did he win in 2012? Oh wait we’re talking about the establishment GOP. They can’t run a campaign or pick a candidate worth their salt in the last 10 years.
How great would it have been if we Bailed Out the People and arrested the dirty Pols and Bank fraudsters? I know in my heart the Free Market would have made the proper corrections and we would be on much higher ground then we are on right now. Instead here we are pumping 85 billion dollars a month out of thin air into this false Market as we devalue the dollar every day. There will be a price to pay and I hope we elect the proper leaders with the integrity and patriotism to do this very brave task that is needed. God Help US.
Andy Sullivan Blue Collar Hard Hats
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Organized Labor, Political Corruption and the Fleecing of the Union Member

December 28th, 2013 Written by: No comments

Labor chief Richard Trumka: During my decades long career in the Construction Union you needed to attain a certain # of worked man hours to qualify for healthcare coverage. If you work anywhere from 70% to 12 months out of the year you easily meet your threshold and sometimes quadruple it. When I asked my rep” Why do you continue to take out funds after I meet my qualifying number?” The answer was ” Well it goes into a general fund that is used to help other members meet their threshold so they can be covered as well”. Now to me that is a fine and noble act. BUT 1 Problem: In decades of working in a Union NEVER have I ever even heard of this being the case. Any member in need of hours at the end of the cycle had to BUY back into the system with their own money to be covered. When I confronted our union reps at a meeting over this blatant act of malfeasance a near riot occurred. Chairs and tables and fists and bodies were flying. I felt like I was in the middle of Sally Field’s Norma Rae / Sylvester Stallone’s F.I.S.T. Violence and Bedlam ruled the night. I had indeed struck a nerve.

Later that week I was called into the office of the company I worked for at the time. I was told never to go to another union meeting again. I asked why? and the response was ” Andy we like you here and think you are a great worker and don’t want to see anything happen to you”. I immediately recognized the veiled warning. Thankfully the Company I was working for was one of the largest and contributed millions into the union coffers. Therefore I did have this implied umbrella of protection over me but even so I was never to do anything like that again because this was the lifeblood of union activity.

What activity would that be? Well we all know about the executive vacations and conventions all over the country. The very large 6 figure salaries enjoyed by all reps. Cars, phones, computers, opulent office digs and that lovely expense accounts for the thousand dollar meals. Many times after these events they were legal expenses due to DWI arrests. This is Fact : Carpenter Union NYC/ Even the lawsuits and their legal expenses were paid for by the union. Sound outrageous? It IS! But it  was only a mere ” Scratching of the surface” the REAL CRIME was the purchasing of Political influence. Monies drained from annuities, healthcare, Pensions and of course union dues were used for this very purpose. Even today this happens with complete impunity as if they have a license to do it. If a member asked ” I want to see where my union dues money and funds were going to especially regarding political campaigns” usually the answer was ” Don’t worry about it …you like working don’t ya?! well shut the F-up and let us do our job”. Ordinarily it usually ended there but for the very inquisitive like myself I would ask ” I do not want my dues going to any political campaign unless it is one I support”. This was a 3rd rail subject that only someone with a Death Wish would pursue. Well that’s the backstory when it comes to Unions and political Corruption. It’s always the member breaking his back in the field trying to provide for his family who gets screwed. So to sum up you have to keep your mouth shut and go and help the campaigns we tell you to and no more questions about ” Where does my money go” because the alternative is – Blackballed How do I know this? Because it happened to me.

Andy Sullivan Blue Collar Hard Hats

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Palin, Mathews and President Obama and the People He Fights For?

December 27th, 2013 Written by: No comments

Do you remember the movie with Bill Murray Groundhog Day? This Administration kinda reminds me of it. Not the content but the feeling of ” Haven’t we already heard seen and had this day many times before?” I mean every week its’ another scandal  glitch, lie or rate shock in the ever evolving law that is Obamacare…BTW unilaterally changing a law is against everything the Constitution stands for…maybe the truly DO Nothing Congress ( Except spend our money and give themselves raises and cut the pensions of our brave military) will one day will challenge this guy…

The Media Tsunami that would have followed had it had been a GOP WH would be All-consuming and easily would of forced the hand of the President to clean house or for him to resign on his own. Not this fella though. He makes Donald Trump’s ego look like a pimple on the Ass of a flea. Meanwhile they sent a media -Strike Force to dig up anything on Sarah Palin. A mayor and Governor who was known for her flinty steady-handed ways. Newly thrust into the National arena the welcome she received was shameful. Excoriated and given the Salem’s Lot witch hunt treatment that would of destroyed any man…but not Mrs. Palin.

I think of all of the passes that were given to this Administration and I feel like our freedoms are slipping away. I was watching MSNBC the other day with Chris Mathews who’s really a very sweet man ( I met him at the DNC Convention in 2012) turn into to this drooling frothing mess when the topic of Ms. Palin comes up. I love it when he’s so overcome with venom that he questions 4 guests and ends up answering all of his own questions as the spiddle is flying around the studio.

I miss the days of the old Pressers. When the Watchdog Media truly was our watchdog. The only people that are hurting right now are the lower and middle class. This is the group that Obama has sworn to protect and defend yet we in the private sector are making less now then we did over 15 years ago. The massive jump in taxes and entitlements and regulations have shrunk the margins of ALL the small businessmen. Which in turn effects the salaries of their workforce.

This has got to be the biggest case of Caveat emptor for Obama voters

Andy Sullivan Blue Collar Hard Hats

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Mr President Why are YOU Helping Our Enemies?

December 26th, 2013 Written by: No comments

Can you imagine the absolute Uproar that would occur if it was a Bush or ANY Republican President sending military arms, planes and tanks to a recognized terrorist group? Especially the one connected with Al Qeada? During the Morsi regime we couldn’t get the toys of death over to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood fast enough. Today the interim government that is backed by the Egyptian military has declared the Muslim Brotherhood the Mothership of Terror! Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qeada all were born in the belly of this beast. Yet Obama, who I am sure had knowledge of this very sensitive information still went ahead and gave the green light to give this terrorist group the ability to KILL our OWN TROOPS!!!

The Muslim Brotherhood claims that this latest revelation means nothing to them. So says Ibriham El-sayed a member of the Brotherhood’s political group, the Freedom and Justice Party. I can’t imagine what our vacationing President would say to the question: Why are you sending weapons to a group that has sworn to destroy the miserable house of the West. In other words : Why are you helping our enemies KILL our TROOPS and DEFENDERS of our FREEDOM and CONSTITUTION?\

How does POTUS mouthpiece Jay Kearney spin this latest outrage? Lemme guess …blame Bush, Congress ? …no no it’s Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin’s fault ..yeah that’s it.

Andy Sullivan- Blue Collar Hard Hats

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Obama gives US the Power to Stop Obamacare!

December 24th, 2013 Written by: No comments

obama photo: Obama obama.pngHow ? How does our President whose signature law Obamacare help stop this law?

Well in the wake of the rolling moving of deadlines , special interest waivers, carve outs to unions and plain ol ” make it up as I go along” this POTUS is setting some very extraordinary precedents. All of these unConstitutional acts by our President is driving the Right MAD! Yet these establishment cowards in Congress do nothing. We the people are begging for some intestinal fortitude from our elected officials yet all we get is a budget that cuts the pensions of our military retirees. Could you possibly think of anything more heartless and inappropriate? Truly,  these are the early stages of some 3rd world country led by a soft chip on his shoulder despot.

Still, with all of these terrible acts there IS a silver lining. Freedom Loving patriots of this once great and soon to be great again Nation has been handed a solution to halt this Leviathan of Legislation known as the Affordable Care Act. Obama himself ( unknowingly of course) has given the next Republican President who sits in the White House the answer. More importantly the Power to crush this toxic law and replace it with simple common sense ideas that actually make healthcare accessible to those who want it. Not ram it down the country’s throat whether you like it or not.

I know we all feel extremely comfortable knowing that there will be 16k IRS agents enforcing this despotic bowel movement of a law. After all…when I think of the IRS the first thing that comes to my mind is the warmth, kindness and tender nature of the IRS. The perfect group to administer care to the nation in need. Are you freaking kidding me!?

Thanks to Obama and his Castro-Chavez like ways this will blow out the powers of the White House and make him Imperial and able to trash this Liberty robbing law. The GOP’s problem is choosing the proper individual to do it. He or she must be able to beat someone like a Clinton yet with the integrity of a Reagan. Once this is repealed then we must trust our new leader to realize that if this nation is to be truly free we need to strip these powers of Executive Order and Presidential fiat right afterwards. The amount of trust we bestow our next candidate will be great. Even greater then their ability to execute his duties of the Oval Office. I pray for our future

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Obamacare : A Smashing Success ( but not like we thought)

December 8th, 2013 Written by: No comments

The true plan is beginning to materialize before our eyes. All of the failed website glitches and failures- the millions that were booted off their previous plans- This my friends was done with astounding efficiency and brilliance. How could that be? The Democrats are getting beat up in Congress and even the Media the President’s personal PR firm is giving the Administration a hard time. On the surface that might look that way but has anyone really been fired or even hurt yet politically? Sebellius is still sitting pretty and there is no evidence that the President is going to do any house cleaning. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are even out there touting the biggest Presidential lie since ” I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.


No folks I’m afraid we have been had. All of this faux outrage and actual outrage has been factored in. It always made me wonder why the insurance companies weren’t screaming for blood during this whole entire Health Care debate. Were they really that afraid of this Administration? That was indeed feasible especially after the GM Bailout where the investors got fleeced by Obama and his threats of sic ing the White House press on them. Why? it worked!


Well I said it – BAILOUT! This whole operation is part bailout part takeover. The insurance companies will cry that they will go out of business with all of these new allowances like 26 year olds still allowed on their parents plan and patients with pre existing conditions plus the huge influx of Baby Boomers who will blow this system up. Let’s not forget it is the young Healthies who are supposed to finance this monstrosity but how can they if they are on their parents plans?


Nothing about this works financially or even functionality wise. The only way Obamacare lives is if it gets a Government BAILOUT. Where will these funds come from? From the US Tax Payer. The best part of this diabolical plan is he’s going to turn around and say ” I’m only giving you what you wanted” ….and he’d be right.


Can we fight this? Of course! but we need to be united and prepared for serious pushback. In California the doctors there are protesting the Exchanges and not taking ANY Exchange patients. The total amount of participating physicians are 70%. You know the next move by the Feds will be to confiscate their medical licenses. This is where ALL medical personnel need to come together and stand with the few because one day it will be their licenses being threatened. Read more…

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The Misunderstood Congress ( They Work So Hard)

December 4th, 2013 Written by: No comments

I really feel sorry for this branch of government. They take so much verbal abuse it must really take a toll on them. You’ve got to realize something. They almost work 6 months a year and barely make close to 200k. Usually that’s in conjunction with their primary jobs. These lawyers , accountants, doctors and financial advisors really need this extra work just to be able to make ends meet.  These overworked souls are barely able to take half a dozen vacations a year.

What do they get for all of the scorn we give them?….well they do get all of their kids college loans forgiven, millions of dollars to staff their offices and a budget to pay for personnel…oh yeah after 2 terms they get a measly pension and social security that borders on the poverty level of 150k. These cowboys have it rough and we should praise them not abuse them.

Now here we are about to have one of Government’s greatest gifts bestowed upon us and we still complain. The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is going to solve all of our health care problems as far as driving costs down, covering pre-existing conditions and keeping our kids on our plans till their 26 years old. Don’t worry you will be able to keep your plan and doctor as long as the government says so. If it doesn’t it only means they know better and will take care of us. As a matter of fact they say this plan is SOOOO GOOD that they actually feel guilty and refuse to take part in it themselves. Furthermore their staffers wont even be part of this wonderful policy.

So do you now see how unbelievably generous and unselfish these saints are? Only people like us will be forced into this government takeover of 20% of the entire economy and every intimate detail of all our personal information and all of the details of our healthcare.  I bet you feel bad for them now….am I right? Of course I am! Let’s remember – elections have consequences ….indeed they do oh and BTW thank a Congressman they have it rough.

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DNC Nukes Nuclear Option : Here’s WHY!

November 22nd, 2013 Written by: No comments

Well it’s official- Chicago style politics has been implemented in DC. After years of protecting the filibuster / nuclear option the DNC have now eliminated it. Why? So many reasons- judicial picks, policy battles, executive orders and appointments are now a simple rubber stamp by Harry Reid!

All this is disturbing enough but the one bombshell I have been warning about is yet to come.

Obama is not planning on leaving this White House any time within 3 years …No Sir! The next shoe to drop will be term limits friends. Presidential Term Limits!! The ruse will be ” this Crisis we are in is too Dangerous to charge horses” we need the present leadership in there so he can use his experience and familiarity to this unique quagmire.”

I have been talking and writing about this for 3 years. He doesn’t give a damn about the country and it’s Freedoms he is Hell bent on Ruling It! The way he is unilaterally changing his namesake law ( Obamacare) is the perfect example of how he intends to make ALL LAWS. Immigration Reform was another one he was testing the waters with. Basically he becomes this ” soft ” Dictator and unless we make some HUGE seat swaps in 2014 I do believe it will happen.

God help us!

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