Author: Andy Sullivan

Medical Marijuana Research is Making New Discoveries

Medical Marijuana Research 1 Medical marijuana research has been nonstop since 1996 – the year California became the first of 16 states to allow medical marijuana program use under state law. Thousands of scientific studies have been done by doctors, scientists, and other highly involved people that are interested in cannabinoid therapeutics. The “endocannabinoid regulatory system” is a discovery that has increased everyone’s attention. Medical marijuana research is also due to the growing body of information furnished through the testimonials of medical marijuana patients and physicians. The synthetic cannabinoids are allowed to be openly marketed by the pharmaceutical industries...

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911 Hard Hat Tours Ground Zero

She wanted to surprise you . These were the words that were burned into my memory and my heart. A very good friend of mine called me after the 911 attacks to let me know the girl that I had fallen in love with when I was 14 years was gone. Jody had gotten a great job with Cantor Fitzgerald. This was supposed to change her and her daughters life forever. That it did but not the way we all thought. I was vomiting and crying upon hearing the news. I felt a huge hole had been blown right through...

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Obama Meltdown Jumps the Fiscal Shark

You know after seeing the Fonz in a wife-beater shirt exposing the world to his sunken in chest and little Taylor Swift arms as he coined the Jumped the Shark phrase and Happy Days faded into reruns it seems our President has hopped on his Vespa and decided to go for broke on a Class-Warfare rant. Yeah lets spend more hundreds of billions, tax the Hell out out of the entities that ignite the economy, use Warren Buffett as his Tax the Rich poster boy( Who by the way owes the government over a billion dollars) seriously that is...

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Newt Gingrich at the Staten Island Tea Party

Presidential GOP front-runner Newt Gingrich came out to the Staten Island Tea Party to ask the members to not to be for him but to be with him. His reasoning is if you are for him you will expect him to go to Washington and solve all of these problems. He contends that the problems are too big for one man to fix and he needs all of his supporters to work with him to do it. I was very impressed with the Speaker and his concept. When we were down in Iowa for the Straw Poll Gingrich was...

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Liberals vs The Newt/ he aint no Sarah

I have met a wonderful co-worker who is just as much of a political Junkie as I am. He stays plugged in to the now and is extremely sharp yet warm and kind. He is definitely proud to be an American and is living the American Dream and like myself wants it to be there for his kids as well. Oh one thing I forgot to tell you hes a liberal. I know I know but I cant help it I love the big lug. Anyway he thinks Newt is toast and we are crazy for thinking he can...

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